Soundwaves wow crowds at Harrogate Barbershop Convention

The Ladies Association of British Barbershoppers hold their annual convention in October every year. Blackpool Soundwaves decided to participate at the beginning of 2018 so we had lots to prepare for regarding our two songs , costumes and accommodation at Harrogate.

The day of the competition dawned on the 27th of October. All our ladies were excited. We were not due to be singing on stage until 3:05 but we needed to be in the loop by about 1:30 in order to change into our costumes, have our professional photographer take our pictures, apply our stage makeup and warm our voices up. We had two new ladies that had never been to a convention before. Gemma and Sybil were very excited to be representing Blackpool.

Going on to the stage at the Harrogate Convention Center was mind blowing, there are no words to explain the stage lights and pure excitement of performing on such a grand scale. As we were ushered onto the stage at the auditorium, a buzz came over the seating area as everyone knew it was Blackpool Soundwaves next. If they hadn’t known before, they certainly knew once our secretary brought on our banner that had our beloved Blackpool tower on it. I also brought on a larger than life Blackpool rock that stood just beside the tower banner.

The first song we sang was “Breaking up is hard to do” and the applause was in abundance as we finished. Our second song was called The Blackpool Medley. It was a compilation of “Beside the Seaside, Blackpool Belle & Little stick of Blackpool Rock. The songs had lots of funny moments in them and the audience definitely cottoned on to that fact. After lots of smiles, laughter and applause we were finished and as we all trouped off stage all of our ladies said they wished to do it all again !