The Mayor's Chamber

The Mayor’s Parlour

An invitation from the Mayor to sing in her chamber in the Town Hall was an event that we just couldn’t miss. We were invited by the Mayor – Councillor Cath Rowson – to attend so we practiced a few songs that we thought might go down well at this exciting event.

The ladies arrived bright and early on a wet and windy Saturday morning armed with their umbrellas and raincoats. We assembled in the chambers in readiness for the Mayor’s welcoming speech.

We sang two of our favourites – “59th Street Bridge Song” and “That’s What Friends Are For”. The audience clapped and obviously enjoyed our songs. We then went into the other room for a drink and to meet with people from other community groups whom the Mayor had invited.

We then sang two impromptu extra songs – “Boardwalk ” and “Syiahama”

The event went well and I know that all the ladies enjoyed entertaining everyone on that rainy day.